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Marcus Strom MSTROM at
Wed Nov 29 10:49:44 MST 1995

My opinion is that Militant is less sectarian  than the SWP - they 
actually work with other organisations. However. I do get upset when 
Militant use the poll tax period as an example of this. At the end of 
the police riot at the huge anti poll tax demo in London. Leading 
Militant members threatened to turn 'violent' 'trouble makers' over 
to the police after the federation conducted an internal 

They didn't go through with it, but it was a particularly nasty 
insight into Militant's susceptibility to pander to bourgeois 

> With due respect, working class activists in Britain are in a better
> position to judge that than yourself or Louis.  

I disagree with this agnostic view - aren't we internationalists 
(although I don't dismiss this view completely)

Militant Labour has
> worked with other left organisations in campaigns against the poll
> tax, the Criminal Justice Act and water privatisation, for example -
> and it is largely due to our record in these campaigns that some such
> organisations are keen to continue to work with us in a Scottish
> Socialist Alliance.  [Their attitude towards the SWP is rather
> hostile, but if I elaborated it might appear "sectarian"...]

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