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     CNI Telecom, Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, and AVI Entertainment
                                 World AIDS Day/A Day Without Graphics
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Chappaqua, NY - AIDS awareness will extend to the World-Wide Web of the
Internet for World AIDS Day, December 1, when A Day Without Graphics will
take place. Participating Internet sites will disable inline graphics,
darken their text screens or link to a special page on the web to
demonstrate AIDS awareness.

The idea for A Day Without Graphics came from other World AIDS Day
activities taking place. A Day Without Art is a project where museums
remove or drape works of art and A Day Without Light is a project where
city lights are lowered for candlelight marches. Both projects are held in
cities all over the world. Likewise, A Day Without Graphics will take place
at Internet sites worldwide.

World AIDS Day, observed annually on December1, serves to strengthen the
global effort to face the challenges of the AIDS pandemic which continues
to spread in all regions of the world. In 1995, World AIDS Day will be
commemorated in the 190 member countries of the World Health Organization
(WHO), including the United States, to draw attention to the worldwide
threat to public health that is posed by AIDS. This organized effort is
designed to encourage public support for and development of programs to
prevent the spread of HIV infection and to provide education and awareness
of issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

"We want to encourage every Internet site to get involved in AIDS awareness
in a creative way," said Rex Rivers, manager of The Land of Awes
Information Services.  "The potential of the medium is enormous and a lot
of people can be reached by it.  Hopefully, everyone who uses the Internet
will come to understand the world wide AIDS pandemic a little better
through this project."

"We welcome additional input from the online community," said Tom Hicks of
the CyberZine. "There are a lot of creative people out on the Internet and
I feel that we should all work together to raise awareness of AIDS issues."

CNI Telecom along with AVI Entertainment, Atlantic Records and Elektra
Records have teamed up to offer free CDs in recognition of World AIDS Day
and A Day Without Graphics.  Every new customer who switches to CNI
Telecom's flat rate (13.9 cents per minute--up to 60% less than the rates
charged by the Big 3 long distance companies--AT&T, Sprint, and MCI)
discount long distance service before December 1 via the form below will
receive their choice of Simply Red's latest _Life_, Emmylou Harris'
stunning _Wrecking Ball_, Tracy Chapman's delightful _New Beginning_, _The
Best of Excello Records_ (classic blues music), or an exceptional 8-song
sampler from Atlantic Jazz featuring the latest releases by saxophonist
Gerald Albright and keyboardist Bob Mamet.

CNI Telecom is an independent communications firm (serving commercial and
residential telephone users) that has made special arrangements with
several outstanding discount long distance companies on behalf of the
internet community.  CNI Telecom's mission is to provide its customers with
low-cost, high-quality long distance service while, at the same time,
support various nonprofit organizations working in the areas of Peace,
Human Rights, the Environment, Campaign Finance Reform, AIDS Research and
other health-related and social services. Towards that end, each year CNI
donates 2% of its gross revenues (that is, the company will make the
donation whether or not it earns a profit) to several nonprofit
organizations.  CNI Telecom's unique Web site can be found at:



1.  Complete the simple form on our web page
(   OR.....

2.  Send a blank message to longdistance at (you will then receive
a sign-up form in your email box); then, complete form and email or fax to


Mike Corso
CNI Telecom

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Join CNI Telecom, a discount long distance company in support of
Peace, Human Rights, the Environment, Campaign Finance Reform,
and the fight against AIDS. Info--email:  longdistance at

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