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Wed Nov 29 04:03:39 MST 1995

Agreed, and ** all ** libertarianism falls before the argument that 
any group, or sub-group, of people has the liberty to form a 
socialist community. (Unless the libertarians want dictatorial 
libertarianism, militarily enforced -- "Live Free or we'll make sure 
you die!") 

I still see A,S, and U praised by, e.g., Quine, and at least Nozick 
tried to go beyond Randian rhetoric. I was unaware that he had 



Robert Peter Burns wrote:
> Nozick recanted his libertarianism a couple of years
> back.  His "arguments" in ANARCHY, STATE AND UTOPIA
> are generally considered hopelessly question-begging
> nowadays.
> PBsj
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