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Wed Nov 29 14:41:48 MST 1995

> Adam Rose wrote: 
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> >> With due respect, working class activists in Britain are in a better
> >> position to judge that than yourself or Louis.  
> >

Not necessarily Adam. When one is in the thick of it, they very often 
become bogged down in details, i.e., it's possible that you can't see the 
forest for the trees.

Now, I am not so presumptous (unlike Carlos) as to say that this is or
isn't the case. I know that often a particularly useful insight may come
from my comrades abroad. I also know that Militant Labor and the SWP are 
in a better position to make the ultimate decision, but they should only 
do so after having received international input.

I also think that the SWP is arrogent enough that it thinks it needs no
advice from anyone else, regardless of whether or not they are in their
tendency or not, and that the SWP doesn't think the opposite of your
statement, precisely because of their overbearing bureaucratic medling in
the Australian ISO.

Marc, "the Chegitz," Luzietti

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