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Thu Nov 30 06:40:23 MST 1995

earlier sombody wrote
>> However I do believe that  all on the left should support the Labour Party in
>> the next general election.  To run any kind of independent campaigns would
>> get little support and, in any event, would be objectively an aid to the
>> Tories.  And a Labour victory would be in the interests of workers.    We
>> need to do what is in workers' interests even if such steps fall extremely
>> far short of our ultimate objectives.
Adam from the SWP replied

>I agree. But I think there is nothing wrong in theory with standing
>candidates in constituencies where the Tories have no chance.
>If for instance, Arthur Scargill stood in Barnsley on an SLP ticket
>against an official Labour candidate, I think this would be a good idea.

Some quesions for adam

Is the SWP planning to run candidates in constituancies where 'Tories have
no chance ?" 

Is it still conviced, with Paul Foot, in ISJ #67 that it is necessary to
help labor get back into power because " when Labour does well at the polls,
its worker supporters feel better, more confident; and when Labour goes down
its supporters go down too.... The _only_ (my emphasis) effect of
alternative candidates or abstentions will be a stronger Tory party in

Does it continue to use the slogan 'Vote labor without Illusions" ?

Why would anybody 'vote labour' unless they had illusions... ?

rust gilbert


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