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Thu Nov 30 23:23:21 MST 1995

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Robert Peter Burns wrote:

> Either the Marxist prediction of religion's disappearance is a contingent
> causal hypothesis or a logically necessary truth.  It certainly isn't the
> latter, so it's the former. That hypothesis will be confirmed if indeed
> religion has a purely material basis in class divisions, and those
> divisions eventually disappear.  But I don't think it does have such a
> basis.  This is a testable matter.  I say, let's wait and see.

	Hey -- _I've_ got 500 years to spare...

  But my
> prediction is that human beings will still be having experiences of a
> transcendent loving reality long after communism has come to pass, and
> they will want to share and celebrate those experiences with others.

	And guess what?  The words `religion' or `god' will be nowhere
mentioned or thought of in those precious moments... 

> Religious impulses existed in primitive communal societies, as the
> archaeological/anthropological evidence shows.  This is one minor reason
> why I think they don't have a purely material basis in class divisions. 

	Is this what a marxist would call a fallacy?  It's surely a 
misunderstanding at least.

> That's all I have to say at this point, because I am way too busy to have
> to go on reminding you that if you are so confident about the
> disappearance of religious "ideologies", all *you* have to do is work for
> the ending of capitalism, and the disappearance of religion will *take
> care of itself*.

	Indeed it will.  However; you seem to be taking into consideration
only the strategic relationship here.  We marxists are also cognizant of
the tactical realities, and have to deal with them daily... 

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