Elementary principles: mass organisation?

Mauro junior mauro.jr at iol.it
Thu Nov 30 19:24:39 MST 1995

At 20.13 29/11/95 CST, Scott wrote:
>Well Marcus, most of your story seems to back up my original contention. I
>never maintained (more importantly, nor does Tudah) that they made no
>mistakes. Fatal, no. I'll admit to not knowing a lot about your friends, but
>you still gave no examples of struggle or organization except those
>initiated by the Tudah. Taking political positions on the nature of fascism,
>while very enlightened I'm sure, is not a mass movement. 
>I do know that the Tudah continues to be at the heart of the resistance in
>Iran and still maintains the factory organizations and broad ties to the
>masses. So..... While I hate this stuff in the morning also, this was not
>sarcasum aimed at you anyway. I also know that the only real work being done
>in the US on Iran is Tudah inspired and quite broad and mass in its work.
>Not that it means that much, but I know of know solidaritywork being done
>under the leadership of or in solidarity with your friends.

Mauro jr:
The insistence of Scott on the mass organisations in quite childish. The PCI
(Italy) had for decays over decays a mass organisation..., and now we have
the "fascists" at the government, with a working class incapable to answer
the most brutal attacks to wage and employment. 
Comrades, it was and should be an elementary communist principle the one wo
says "the important thing is not the organisation for the organisation, but
the bases on which the organisation is built".
Who, marxist, read the German Ideology knows very well that the dominant
ideology is the ideology of the dominant (ruling) class, outside the
revolutionary periods. That means that if you have a mass organisation
during the **** Clinton Presidency, quiet as it is, you are certainly not on
the historical class ground (which is revolutionary, otherways is not).
This, just for remindinig to the marxists the ABC of marxism.
And this works for the "discussers" about The Soc.Lab Party, as well.
rev. greetings
Mauro Junior
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