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Sun Oct 1 06:16:12 MDT 1995

I feel the need to correct Chris B. on a factual point. The "New York
Giants" are not a baseball team, although they used to be. The "NY Giants"
moved to San Francisco decades ago and became the "San Francisco Giants"
[to the everlasting misery of certain NY baseball fans]. The "New York
Giants" are what we call in the US a football team [not to be confused
with soccer]. Also, the "New York Giants" play their home games, and their
administrative offices are, in New Jersey at the Meadowlands, rather
than in NYC or NYS.

And, the New York Yankees are going to be the wildcard team in the
American League (Louis: rejoice!). The "other" league is called the
National League. Both the American and the National Leagues have
franchises in Canada. Consequently, the baseball industry is an
interesting special case of a cartel which has grown internationally
(despite its name). Also, the mobility of capital [in this case, the
baseball franchises] has had major impacts on some communities.
This is precisely the topic that Lisa would like to see us discuss. :-}


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