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Sun Oct 1 10:07:54 MDT 1995

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:

> Hm, is technological advancement possible in a use-value, rather than
> exchange value, economy?

	I would think that it'd be even more innovative under communism.
Imagine a world where resources were not allocated based on anticipated
return -- only results...

> 	Tinkers have traditionally been able to operate with a minimum of
> capital.  Most inventors only move to big ops later on.
> 	But I'm not sure if this is still feasible.  Frank Herbert makes
> a case for it, arguing that modern science has made vast powers
> accessible to the average individual (WHITE PLAGUE).  But two Amigas and
> a toaster, although capable of BABYLON 5, can't yet do JURASSIC PARK, to
> pick an odd example.  Perhaps an ethic of invention without capital must
> be parasitic?

	In a communist society, ray-tracing and rendering would not be
fitted into a straitjacket of 10-minute segments inside a 50-minute
episode, for one thing (or a 90-minute move FTM...)  And invention would
not be subject to all the restraints the capitalist mode of production
presently puts on it.

	Remember:  Socialism is a state BEYOND capitalism;  not some poor
relation you have to make do with in absence of The Real Thing...

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