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Carlos Perez cperez at
Mon Oct 2 00:18:00 MDT 1995

Hello , Chris !!
I want to clarify the issue of my e-mail adress :
.cl means Chile !!, South America, Latin America, do you know?
I think this is importan for a marxism list,
Allende, Victor Jara, Neruda, Violeta Parra, do you know?
or also, Pinochet, September 11,  Letelier, do you know?.
Well, Chris, see you later.
a big South American hug !
Carlos Perez and Co.
>Especially valuable would be an extension to other countries. Apart from
>the US, which Howie once calculated was 75% of the list, only in
>Australia, Canada and Britain are there more than a few subscribers.
>Nevertheless the list appears to be received in 26 countries.
>Does anyone have any ideas how to strengthen this?
>ar argentina
>au australia
>ca canada
>cl ? colombia
>co ? costa rica
>de germany
>dk denmark
>es ? spain
>fi finland
>fu ?? former yugoslavia
>hk ? hong kong
>i  ?
>il israel
>it italy
>jp japan
>nl netherlands
>no norway
>nz new zealand
>se sweden
>sg ?
>th ? thailand
>tr ? turkey
>ve ? venezuela
>uk britain
>za south africa
>=26 countries       [corrections and confirmations appreciated]
>I would suggest the easiest contribution that anyone can make
>for their own clarity and to calm the list and promote quality,
>is to switch to the digest function.
>Details reproduced below.
>Chris B, London

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