Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Oct 2 08:32:28 MDT 1995

Appreciations to Jeff and to Steve for coming back about the
=20 line end code marker.

Also to Jeff for the explanatory note before sending down
the MIME message about Mumia. It did indeed look like hieroglyphics
to me.

I would really like to nominate Jeff, to scoop up these comments and
to liaise with Jon and Flannon, who are named in the introductory
notes to this list for technical support.

And to request a report back on what if anything can be done.

At the very least I wonder if a couple of sentences on these
problems could be added to the introductory notes.

Would that be OK, Jeff? You might even do a draft.

Thanks if you are willing,

Chris B.

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