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On Sun, 1 Oct 1995 LeoCasey at wrote:

> Many years ago there circulated  in certain circles a parody of Trotskyist
> splintering which was, the narrative eventually revealed, the proliferation
> of multiple personalities in one person. It is hard not to read the musing of
> the "Maoist Internationalist Movement" (a person with a computer, modem and
> Internet access which proclaims himself as nothing less than an international
> movement) and see parody realizing itself.
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MIM replies: You seem to fail to understand the word
"internationalist." It is not a synonym for "international." This
is a common mistake people make upon hearing our name.
The name is not a COMINTERN type name, though we do have members
and sympathizers from different nations.

Since you and many others posting their one paragraph insults generally
have little evidence to make clear what they are saying, I took
your mention of our name as what set you off. However,
if by the above you instead are denying what we are saying about the
legacy of Lenin, Stalin and Mao taken up in armed struggle by millions in
several different countries, then you just don't know much about history.
Many people have been made ignorant by the imperialist stranglehold on the
media and the labor aristocracy's success in dominating the "Left." The
difference here is that usually people ignorant of history don't attempt
to impose that ignorance upon others with stupid insults.

Pat for MIM

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