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At 10:58 AM 10/1/95, jones/bhandari wrote:

>Marx and Engels write: 'The first fact asserted is that man
>possesses self-consciousness. The instincts and energies of individual
>natural beings are transformed into the instincts and forces of "nature,"
>which then, as a mater of course, "are manifested" IN ISOLATION IN these
>individual beings.  This mystification was needed in order later to effect
>a unification of these instincts and forces of 'Nature' in the human
>self-consciousness.  Thereby the self-consciousness of man is, of course,
>transformed into the self-consciousness of nature within him.  This
>mystification is apparently resolved in the following way:: in order to pay
>nature back for finding ITS self-consciousness in man, man seks his, in
>turn, in nature--a procedure which enables him, of course, to find nothing
>in nature except that what he has imputed ot it by means of the
>mystification described above'.  [from the German Ideology--rb]

Or as Wallace Stevens said, "sad men made angels of the sun."



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