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Chris Burford cburford at
Tue Oct 3 21:31:03 MDT 1995

I am enchanted with the warmth of your Latin American embrace!

Hello , Chris !!
I want to clarify the issue of my e-mail adress :
.cl means Chile !!, South America, Latin America, do you know?
I think this is importan for a marxism list,
Allende, Victor Jara, Neruda, Violeta Parra, do you know?
or also, Pinochet, September 11,  Letelier, do you know?.
Well, Chris, see you later.
a big South American hug !
Carlos Perez and Co.

Now I will never forget that cl means Chile.

That means "co" is Colombia. And we have to wait a little for Costa
Rica to join us. Red spots on the map.

Now let me say one other thing about extending international
solidarity. As someone who does not understand
Spanish, I like to see posts in Spanish on this list. We have a
number of subscribers in Chile, and Argentina and other parts of
Latin America. In the US I believe Spanish is usually taught as the
first foreign language.

If a minimum critical mass came together that some of you citizens of
the continent of America wanted to converse in Spanish, I for one would
not feel excluded providing there was some cross fertilization. If
enough traffic built up it might split off as a sister list if
people wanted. The important thing is to build a lively interest in
marxism that is concrete. EG what is happening to the Sao Paolo Forum
movement? How is the struggle against neo-liberalism going?

Chris B, London

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