Yugo: what you can do

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Wed Oct 4 07:38:59 MDT 1995

Another view expressed on this list was that there was little point in
discussing former Yugoslavia because we could not influence events at all.

Now that the debate has settled down I think there are few if any who would
say that they do not dislike fascist tendencies by Croatia. (I do not
waver in my position that the war started as a war of social fascist
aggression by Greater Serb Nationalists. What is to play for now is the
widest possible defence of human rights including multi-ethnic tolerance.
It therefore assists the reestablishment of multi-ethnic Bosnia Herzegovina
and reduces the likelihood of a defacto partition between a fascist
Croatia and a fascist Serbia, if among other things, Croatia is strongly
criticised for all human rights violations.)

Now - for the 75% of this list who are citizens of the USA - your
favourite Bob Dole is responding to initiatives from the Federation of
American Croatians, by sponsoring an amendment to set up a $12 million
dollar enterprise fund for Croatia.

If just one of you would like to send one letter which would weaken the
chances of success on the grounds of Croatian human rights violations, I
will forward to you an email from the yugo anti-war list giving details
you can include in your letter.

Please mail me directly and then I can return easily.

All this of course is about drops in oceans, but you are canny enough to
know where one letter would have the best chance of effect.

My point is to demonstrate that several months after daring together to
thrash out the principles of a marxist approach to former Yugoslavia
it most certainly is possible to come to conclusions about how theory
should be linked to practice. It is also about adding one drop to the ocean
in reality.

Chris B, London.

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