The Commodification of Justice -- And Other Questions

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Wed Oct 4 14:32:41 MDT 1995

To Leo: I agree with you. There were other factors at work. If it was
"reductionism", then it was reductionism inspired by the bourgeois legal

To Rakesh: You might night recall it, but the Unabomber was discussed for
weeks on this list.

To whoever said that the Mumia case is more important: From a political
perspective, yes. From a human perspective, we can not turn our eyes away
from the murder of two innocent people. If justice for Mumia is the only
thing that is important, where is our sense of justice?

To Scott: You implied that there was a "silver lining" behind the
verdict, i.e. the exposure of the LAPD and the police in general.
Perhaps, but it is of small comfort to the families of Nicole and Ron.

To all: We need a society where these (and other) kind of atrocities
can not happen. Money wasn't the only factor, Leo, but I believe it was
the dominant factor in this instance.


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