The Commodification of Justice

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Wed Oct 4 21:06:42 MDT 1995

>I think that maybe the jury members tried to do as good and honest
>job as they could.  But how much doubt is "reasonable"?  Is it
>"reasonably" possible that Fuhrman and his ilk actually do frame
>people?  I think it's not likely in this case.  But it may not be
>reasonable from some LA residents' point of view to separate this
>case and say 'no frame up' here, in spite of the wretched track
>record of LAPD.  The chance that he was framed may look quite
>reasonable to some reasonable people.

Lisa, didn't Fuhrman brag about framing people in those tapes which Ito
suppressed? Why didn't Ito grant him immunity and force him to testify?


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