Simpson versus the Unabomber

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Wed Oct 4 21:02:14 MDT 1995

>From Matt D:
>What's interesting about the Unabomber?  A miserable loser nutcase w/ a bomb
>is still ultimately a miserable loser nutcase.  The OJ situation, on the
>other hand, raises at least two issues of interest: racist cops and domestic
>violence.  More broadly, of course, it's an opportunity to talk about the
>legal system as it exists in America today.
There is a section in the Unabomber's Manifesto where he argues that
leftists often rebel in terms of what is normatively invalidated by the
system--for example racism.  I think it is obvious that a critique of
"technics out of control" is much more potentially revolutionary than one
against racism.

 Even if you look at look at Murray and Herrnstein, their basic argument is
that only those with high IQ's will survive in a high technology.
skill-driven economy. We can criticize their racist equation of low IQ with
certain ethnic groups and argue that all ethnic groups can be educated to
do what Robert Reich has called symbolic-analytical work; or we may note
the increased racist police harrassment of those who have been rendered
economically irrelevant...,

 Or we can get on with the business of going to the roots--critiquing a
technological system, oblivious to human need and happiness.  As I have
already written, I fault the Unabomber for not investigating the
relationship between the value-form and the autonomization of the forces of
production ( see Postone on the trajectory of production) and for giving up
on the working class as the agent of revolution (see Walter Daum).


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