Stop with the Simpson!!!

Marc Luzietti mluziett at
Wed Oct 4 22:40:57 MDT 1995

	I avoid the bourgeois media because I am SICK TO DEATH OF THIS
LAME ASS SHALLOW EVENT!!!!!  This crap has been SHOVED, yes SHOVED down
our throats since day one by the filthmongers in their lust for something
to catch people's attention.  I'm glad this is over, finaly, so I don't
have to hear about it anymore.  This isn't about Gervis Davis, this isn't
about Mumia, or Chico Salazar, or any other number of unjust
imprisonments or political jailings.  It's pure drek. Why else would a
two month trial get streched out so damn long.  Hell, even the Mark
Curtis case is more important than this one was.  I didn't see anyone here
talking about Susan Smith, and I have only seen *ONE* post which mentions
the Trade Center bombing trial.

Ending in disgust,

Marc Luzietti

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