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Thu Oct 5 13:34:28 MDT 1995

>NONSENSE! What about duality concerning gender? Do you remember the Tyson
>case? Do  you remember the reaction to the charges against Michael
>Jackson ("child abuse")? Do you remember the Clarence Thomas hearings?
>Why is it that so many in the African-American community were willing to
>believe Tyson, Jackson, Thomas,  OJ, ad nauseum?

Jerry, you would know more about this, but wasn't there a successful
movement from within Harlem to squash Sharpton's welcome-home parade for
Tyson?  As so many Amerikans seem to have reached the conclusion from this
verdict that Blacks are incapable of reflection and reason, it seems best
to remind ourselves of such things, no matter how little media attention
they receive. And there was a lot of very critical discussion about
Clarence Thomas. --RB

ps Doug's response was appreciated.
pps as for gender, NOW should burn in hell. Did their rep on Nightline last
night complain about Men against Women in the LAPD once; did she make a
serious attempt to understand the effects of racism on black women, mothers
and sisters;she praised the investigators; and as she was sitting next to
Daryl Gates, she proclaimed her respect for everyone on the panel. pps from
donna jones

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