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Fri Oct 6 00:35:35 MDT 1995

Gary wrote:

  Do we thus indicate that the people
> were wrong and we are correct?  Or do we, as I suggest we must,
> think on the meaning of the gap between us and them and how much our
> reasonableness and their so called lack of reasonableness is due to the
> fact that we and not them have lost sight of the meaning of Marxist
> politics- that we might all be free.

"We", and "them", will never be free until the glorification and
rationalization of the oppression and brutalization of women ceases. What
did Marx write about freedom for the English working class and the Irish?

I am struck by the fact that Thami and Gary do not even use the word "women"
in their posts and make no reference whatsoever to gender and sexism.

Those who continue to celebrate the oppression of women can never be free.
Those who deny the importance of class, race, and gender can not be Marxist.


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