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Fri Oct 6 07:00:58 MDT 1995

I guess none of us can really abstain from comment on the OJ verdict.  Which
suggests it is more than media hype.  The case has touched deep cords in
almost all Americans: yes, certainly class, race and gender issues.  And the
there is the matter of "justice", something we all believe in but define in
such different ways.

Let me make briefly a few points:

1) He clearly did it.  Remove all evidence attributed only to Furhman, or
even arbitrarily 90% of the evidence cross the board,  and there is
sufficient left to prove he did it.

2)  It's really not a good thing for former husbands of whatever race to
brutally murder with a knife former wives out of possessive jealousy.  And
this side of it has really been downplayed by most people.  I give credit to
Clara Fraser of the FSP as a quite lonely voice pressing this issue on
various left lists over the past year.

3)  In all probability at least some of the evidence was planted by Furhman
and in other ways the LAPD made a major contribution to the defense!

4)  I feel blessed in not living in the LA area where, it now seems, white
juries find white cops who beat Blacks innocent while Black juries find Black
celebrities who kill their ex-wives innocent.  But I am probably living in a
Bay Area-style dream world.  This may well be a picture of our America

5) Of course millions of dollars helped the defense immeasurably.

6)  Probably, in sum, race relations in America suffers from this verdict.
 If a Simi Valley jury had found the beaters of Rodney King guilty, while a
predominantly Black jury found O.J. guilty then that certainly would reflect
a more hopeful world than we are presently part of.

7)  Those who pursue the "evidentiary" route on this matter spew nonsense.
 Forget about gloves and timing and look seriously at the absurdity of
explaining away blood with (God help us) another massive conspiracy theory.

8) anyway as one juror has already said she "knew in her heart" he was
innocent from the beginning.  Just like the Simi Valleyites knew in their
hearts that Black men deserve what they get and the Thin Blue Line defends
them from the jungle.  So did evidence really matter  in this trial?

9) Are we to reassured by one contributor to this discussion that it is
likely that Simpson won't kill again?  I would not want to be his next girl
friend.  But even if true how will the wife beaters of this nation interpret
this case?  A green light?

10) Its scary however you read it.

11) Once again (like on Bosnia) the left is split in this issue.

12) Maybe that's a plus.  It least there may be some life where there is
controversy, which may indicate, here or there, thought.

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