Law of the Tendency for the General Rate of Profit to Decline [LTGRPD]

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Fri Oct 6 07:24:43 MDT 1995

For those who are interested in reading about this topic further, I
would suggest:

--Stephen Cullenberg _The Falling Rate of Profit: Recasting the Marxian
Debate_ London, Pluto Press, 1994

Brief critique: A very good review of the literature and critique of
methodological individualism and what Cullenberg calls the "Cartesian
Totality." Unfortunately, I believe Cullenberg creates a false dichotomy
between "Cartesian Totality"  and the "Hegelian Totality" in the sense
that I believe he misrepresents Marx's (and Hegel's) dialectical method.
Cullenberg  work is influenced by structuralists (Althusser and,
especially, Resnick and Wolff). I find his treatment of the capitalist
firm as a "decentered approach to Marxist totality" in terms of
explaining the LTGRPD to be somewhat less than convincing. Despite the
foregoing, it is a well-written and scholarly work which deserves
attention and consideration.


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