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Fri Oct 6 10:40:16 MDT 1995

On 6 Oct 1995 TimW333521 at wrote:
> 1) He clearly did it.  Remove all evidence attributed only
to Furhman, or even arbitrarily 90% of the evidence cross
the board, and there is sufficient left to prove he did it. . . . . .

Tim and everybody who cares,
 It is sufficient - I agree, and it is frustrating to see him get
away with murder. However, here's a few words of, perhaps,
some comfort:
 Given the media coverage the trial got and the discussions
that follow (even on this list!) the evidence that you mention
can be judged by a *lot* of people all over the world. You know
he did it. I know he did it. He knows he did it. And: He knows
that we know. Most unpunished murderers don't have to live
with that. Even if he's as cold as a fish and as hard as rock,
surely he *will* suffer from his new-won unpopularity. Hey,
people he doesn't know want to *kill* him. That hurts!
 Two years ago not that many people would recognize OJ in
my home country. He hasn't mad a nice first impression.

Otto Medin, Sweden. You know: Alps and watches ;-)

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