Please restrict SIMPSON postings!

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 7 05:09:04 MDT 1995

On Sat, 7 Oct 1995, Per I Mathisen wrote:

> Hi folks,
> please show _some_ respect for people who are so fortunate not to live in
> the US for the moment, eh ? Don't flood this list with more SIMPSON-please...

I understand where Per is coming from on this. He sent me private e-mail
once urging me to refrain from a vendetta against the vile David Futrelle
over on that low-rent "alt.politics.trotskyism.socialism" newsgroup. I
happily complied. That's usually all it takes for me to go back into my cage.

In fact the APST newsgroup has virtually been destroyed by spam from the
O.J. Simpson and Rush Limbaugh newsgroups. If you take a peek into this
newsgroup, all you will see are messages with subject headings like "WHY
understand why Per would be concerned by a similar degradation taking place
in this list.

However, the O.J. Simpson case happens to involve major class and race
issues that, believe it or not, are just as important as Bhaksarian dialectics
or the falling rate of profit. I plan to post something later today on
the case that I've been thinking about for days and I won't be denied. So

Another thing to think about is why the APST newsgroup has degraded so
much. Isn't possible that ex- and current Trotskyites just don't have
that much to talk about? Who cares about the internal crisis of Tony
Cliff's group or about the guilt of Mark Curtis. These topics are not for
people trying to win socialism, but for pursuers of trivia.

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