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Sat Oct 7 12:26:50 MDT 1995

Per urged that we limit the discussion about Simpson.  I have watched more
TV in the last week than I can ever remember doing. My prior routine was an
hour of Perry Mason at bedtime; I kept on waiting for Cochran to elicit a
confession from Kato, but I guess Kato just outwitted him...

I come back to some very interesting posts, along with all the books on my
desk, and find myself unable to read after so much television (since I
couldn't write before, I won't blame tv for that).  This is why I pose the
question of simpson vs. the unabomber once again.  Smash the televisions...


ps before I went brain-dead, I was trying to get through  a very highly
touted book in mainstream economics--Adrian Wood, 1994. North-South Trade,
Employment and Inequality. Oxford.  As Wood himself notes, this work
renders Robert Reich's Work of Nations in the language of economics,
presumably making it  more rigorous.  At any rate, if anyone has read this
book and has thoughts on it, I would appreciate any help.

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