Ralph Dumain rdumain at igc.apc.org
Sat Oct 7 14:37:04 MDT 1995

I might have hoped that a group of Marxist intellectuals would
have come up with the most insightful remarks about OJ, but
instead they prove to be dumber than everybody else.  The more
self-consciously "Marxist" the analysis, the more idiotic the
response.  I am tempted to rank the posters in order of stupidity
in case any one is interested, but in any event I find little
insight outside of Doug Henwood's comments.  I ignored the whole
OJ case between the Bronco chase and the acquittal, which was
announced during a visit to my local.  Only since the acquittal
have I assiduously followed the news media, black as well as
white, and I believe I need to write up my findings.  I hope the
OJ soap opera will soon be forgotten, but I fear that OJ is
already the Willie Horton of 1996.  There is one and only one
relevant Marxist reaction to the outcome of the case, which has
nothing to do with OJ himself or his guilt or innocence.  It is to
defend the black community against the vicious backlash that has
already been set in motion.  This has nothing to do with the
customary juvenile leftist response which demands sympathy or
deference to the feelings of the black community, which is not at
all monolithic in the way that Gary or any other jackass supposes
it is.  The goal rather is to combat the Caucasian lust for
revenge against the black community which has been fueled by the
acquittal and which will continue to be fueled by right-wing
politicians long after the immediate transitory emotional outburst
has died down.

My analysis, when it is written, will have three parts:

1.  The unconscionable slander and character assassination
directed against the mostly black jury, which is deemed to be
irresponsible and emotion-driven, incapable of a rational
application of a principle of jurisprudence known as reasonable

2.  The question of the double-standard, ie. who is really
concerned about a single standard of justice for all, and who is
really consumed by uncontrolled emotionalism;

3.  Does the outburst of jubilation in the black community focused
on by the white news media accurately reflect the range of
sentiments within the black population; why did such outbursts
occur, and were those who thought they had something to celebrate
really cheering for their own extermination?

I too would prefer to ignore OJ, and talk maybe instead about
Mumia or other cases worthier of attention.  However, it is
incumbent upon American marxists to pay attention to which way the
wind is blowing, and in this case, that means backlash.

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