Profit: Ahab braves the waves

Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU Steve.Keen at unsw.EDU.AU
Sat Oct 7 16:17:41 MDT 1995

Thanks Chris,

Ahab's doing fine now, I hope; he's installed a 1 metre ditch outside
his bridge with a sump pump in it, and there's now a little dam in the
prow with a 2 inch pipe leading to the sump pump. So the next time
that bloody whale thumps the ocean, he thinks he'll be ready for
the tidal wave that ensues.

But you can never tell with Moby "Sydney" Dick. Meteorologists tell
me that storms like the one that hit last week (6 inches of rain in
a day) strike parts of NSW 150-200 times a year, and Sydney has to
expect to get 1-2 of them.

As for the TRPF stuff, in my "idle" moments I'm attempting to
reformulate it in a one-commodity model to see whether I can
highlight some of the problems that Khalil's paper raised. If I
can make headway, I'll dive back into the fray shortly.

Steve K

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