Oppression Just keeps going, and going...

Stu Shafer sshafer at ix.netcom.com
Sat Oct 7 20:40:50 MDT 1995

I think I have paid more attention to the O.J. discussion on these lists
than I did to the trial itself. I kept expecting to turn on the tube some
night and see Columbo drive up in his Studebaker, find the missing pieces,
and badger O.J. into confessing. Otherwise I intentionally tried to ignore
the News (read Ideological Spinmasters) spectacle as much as I could.

Whether or not he is really guilty is less the issue anymore than the
reaction to the verdict. What amazes me is how quickly lines were drawn --
fractures on the list, fractures on the left, fractures in the culture,
fractures sometimes following unpredictable lines. My proletarian mother and
her redneck-reactionary, self-confessed bigot husband watched every minute
of the trial and are absolutely convinced of O.J.'s innocence. They were
cheering right along with people in neighborhoods they would never go near.
Perhaps we really do need chaos theory for stuff like this.

But I think the real point is to think about what we, of all people, should
always bear in mind: who benefits from all this? Who benefits from all the
attention to the spectacle, from all the fractures and suspicions among the
masses, each fraction attacking the others for failing to see who is Really
Oppressed? Who benefits when these fissures are widened among those on the
left who have some consciousness of how the system works for The Man and The
Man alone, when those on the left are distracted by the dazzling smoke and
mirrors of the side show?

Meanwhile, Mr. Moneybags sits quietly in his office, counting the billions
of dollars worth of dead labor accumulating in his coffers minute by minute,
the DAILY HORRORS that are the inevitable effluent of the commodity system
hidden by the smoke and mirrors of the spectacle.

Yes, real people died a horrible death in this case, and I genuinely feel
for the grieving families. I also feel for the suffering millions of others
whose blood and tears are never shown on the nightly news. Lets get past our
bickering over who is more oppressed than whom. I think we ALL know who
Oppressor Number One is. Let's get on with the business of ending his rule
first; then the protacted struggle to dismantle the System he has erected
can proceed, at which time the contradictions among us have a chance of
being resolved in non-antagonistic ways.

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