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Sun Oct 8 12:16:06 MDT 1995

Leo Casey sez:

>I suspect that on this issue I may not be very far in a
>practical way not only from Jerry, but also from Doug Henwood
>and Ralph Dumain, although Ralph seems intent upon setting up
>his stance in his classically idiosyncratic fashion.

Well, aren't you saying the same thing as I am: there is a
diversity of underlying judgments and reasoning behind the bare
statistics and media oversimplifications?  What is idiosyncratic
about my report: that I refrain from using words like

>What are the sources and the implications of the rise of a
>narrow black nationalism, most graphically represented by
>Farrakhan's March of A Million Men, in the African-American

What part of "low self-esteem" or "political bankruptcy" don't you

>There were two very interesting articles in today's (Sunday)
>_New York Times_, with a very interesting and unusual array of
>commentators including Salim Muwakkil (the only reason I would
>read _In These Times_ ), Adolph Reed (of whom I am no fan) and
>Kendall Thomas, a gay African-American critical legal theory
>type from Columbia.

Why not summarize the viewpoints of each of these people?  I don't
read THE NEW YORK TIMES.  What's your beef with Reed?

It will be interesting in a sickening sort of way to see what
finally becomes of the Million Jackass March.  It is so
self-contradictory even some rabid nationalists have turned
against it.  "Atonement"?  The banning of women?  What political
goal is this march supposed to fulfill?  The psychology behind it
is as old as Catholicism: convince people of their moral
inferiority and sell them back their self-respect at a price.  In
fact, it is the same old lame shit the Nation of Islam has always
pooped out: exploit the low self-esteem of ignorant lost souls,
and sell them the snake oil of redemption to cure their
self-doubt.  The message of NOI is to stop partying, straighten
up, and fly right, not political agitation.  Farrakhan and the
preachers are skating on thin ice here: they seriously risk
exposing their own uselessness.  Only the ignorant and confused
Million Fools themselves will be impressed by their Testosterone
Festival in the nation's capital.  Everybody else will laugh at

Speaking of childishness, thanks to Tom Condit for exposing us to
the idiotic philosophy of Ujamaa.  Perhaps the next idiot who
considers pushing that drivel in this group will feel too ashamed
to fart in our faces.

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