Thousands marching in Japan

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Sun Oct 8 18:34:47 MDT 1995

On Sun, 8 Oct 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> With thousands of Japanese marching in protest against US troops stationed
> in Japan, maybe we (especially US participants) should spend some time on
> the list talking about mobilizing support for the complete withdrawl of all
> troops from Japan. For a start we can all call our congressional reps. We
> are trying to pull together some action in Chicago.
> The latest brutal outrage of US troops against Japanese citizens received
> far too little attention in the US press.

	All I've heard so far is of the heinous rape committed on Okinawa,
but if there are large protests going on against the Yankees, let me just
say this:

	For years it's been apparent to me (and others I hope) that the
Nipponese ruling class absolutely detests being under the Yankee yoke and
has been looking for any excuse to rid Nippon of all remaining outposts of
U.S. Imperialism, and possibly returning to the Bad Old Days of Imperial
Nippon and its Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere...

	There's been talk of war in the not-too-distant future (I'm sure
we all remember the hype over that book), but such could never happen
unless the Nipponese ruling class felt they had a good chance of winning
-- and keeping the U.S. isolated on the far side of the Pacific is a GOOD
first step...

	While we should welcome the Nipponese' push to force U.S.
occupation troops off their soil, let's not forget just who may be
orchestrating this behind the scenes and what their long-term strategy
might be leading us into...

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