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Jim Jaszewski jjazz at freenet.hamilton.on.ca
Sun Oct 8 19:40:27 MDT 1995

On Sun, 8 Oct 1995, Chris Burford wrote:

> Certainly we are never going to agree on everything. Certainly we cannot
> follow all struggles in the world, though I for one welcome it
> when Jim for one, draws our attention to what is going on elsewhere.

	Thank you.  While there is indeed a problem with physical volume
in this List, we HAVE taken on a _particularly_ wide subject-matter:  the
Marxist Interpretation of all Reality (MIR??  :)

	I am glad to see that you at least see these `intrusions' as more
than spams (which they demonstrably are not).

> It is impossible to take a vote.

	In future, that just might be possible.  :>

> From being dominated by academics, the list has become dominated by
> people with an interest in marxism. Party statements have started to
> emerge which we have taken in our stride. We do not know whether we will
> be swamped with statements of organisations in six months time, just
> slogging it out, as some billboards are, or whether there is enough
> momentum that the organisations themselves will start to be affected
> if they get a pasting on this list. It will take a long time to
> learn this.

	I would bet that we are having a very real effect on party lines
-- but even the electronic speed of this medium is slowed-down as it is
converted to other more traditional `media' (like people's brains...)
There's obviously always going to be a lag -- but this gives us time to
hammer-out policies for many things...

> But it could be the start of creating a sort of fuzzy
> consensus about what is relevant in applying marxism at a global level.
> We may die, but just possibly we may grow and develop. In that we cannot
> ensure large numbers of disciplined comrades engaging in a united way
> in practice, but we can try to relate our discussions to what it possible
> in practice, and to learn from practice.

	This marxism List simply cannot be ALLOWED to die -- only the
power of a Yankee Pinochet should be such an agent (not talking in the
dialectical sense here -- of course all things must run their course --
but we're still in embryo...)

	I think we've already projected (pun intended) real physical
muscle into the world from our intellectual work here.  Our influence can
only grow...  One immediate problem remains, however:  what to do about
the avalanche of words (and I for one DON'T want to fall back on all the
non-democratic bourgeois tricks for dealing with Internet `irregularity').

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