Yugoslavia: background considerations

Lorenzo Penya Laurentius at PINAR1.csic.es
Mon Oct 9 11:05:32 MDT 1995

Thanks to Bryan Alexander and the other people who have
been kind enough to make comments on my previous comments.
Please, let me take some time to carefully consider your
arguments. Even if (as is the case, I'm afraid) our
disagreement is very very deep, I want newither to
embark on bitter polemics nor to dismiss your arguments
out of hand without due, serene, careful examination
thereof. I may be wrong in my assessment, so I want
to avoid narrow-minded, hasty rejection of opinions which,
on the face ot them, seem to me mistaken. But, please,
do not take that attitude of mine as a conceited or smug
indifference to your comments. Best wishes

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