Stalin, Mao, idealism and voluntarism

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Tue Oct 10 16:14:17 MDT 1995

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> Louis:
> Trotter and TimW333521 got me all worked up now so I'm going to
> take out my aggression on PatMIM the 3rd. When "we" return with the facts
> about Stalin and industrialization, why don't you throw in the names of the
> Peruvian leftists who have accused the "Senderologists" of aiding government
> repression while you're at it. You wouldn't know what a fact was if bit you
> on the ass.

Pat for MIM replies:
For those who don't know, a "Senderologist" is a self-proclaimed
expert on the Shining Path, sort of like a "Kremlinologist." What insult
or challenge was intended by the above, I have no clue, but in terms
of the impact of Proyect's posts, that's not unusual, given their
combination of sarcasm and CoC type confusion.

> What are you doing pestering us Marxists for anyhow? Why don't you go out
> and engage in some Maoist political activity and leave us alone. What is
> that MIM likes to do? Picket string quartet recitals? Hand out free
> sandwiches to poor people? You're nothing but a bunch of fucking
> knuckleheads sitting around somewhere with pictures of Stalin, Mao and
> Hoxha on the wall. I bet the historical annals of MIM activity would fit
> on the back of a postage-stamp. You windbag, you.

Pat for MIM replies: Without fail it seems that insults
completely unconnected to any political argument are the
only recourse for those with nothing of substance to say.
Proyect has failed to prove that there is any difference
between his planning work in Nicaragua and what happened
in the Soviet Union under Stalin and for that matter,
the only reason one could consider Nicaragua a success
relative to the Soviet Union is that Proyect participated
in the Nicaraguan process. That's Proyect's pure provincialism.

Proyect laughs at Stalin and Hoxha as a means of breaking with the past,
but Proyect has not addressed how it was that Hoxha took a small
predominantly agrarian country like Nicaragua and went much
further into collective farming than Nicaragua ever made it.
Why Nicaragua is a model to Proyect, since he participated in
it as a professional, is no mystery. Why socialists would laugh
at Albania and uphold a mixed economy in Nicaragua is beyond me.

There were plenty of young foreigners who participated in
Stalin's day too--including some pretty right-wing engineers
from the United Snakes. Proyect is only accomplishing two
things with his line on this: 1) Appealing to statisticians, economists
and programmers as a group to pursue their own interests
against those of the proletariat. 2) Appealing to the pride
of current activists connected to Cuba and Nicaragua, by telling
them nonsense about how they are so much better than past
activists, thereby making a claim to the Soviet era political morass.
Such narrow flattery (with occasional references to South Africa too)
is lacking in internationalism and promoting a certain agenda at the same
time, all the while claiming all-inclusiveness and pluralism.

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