Stalin, Mao, idealism and voluntarism

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Tue Oct 10 22:58:40 MDT 1995

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Maoist Internationalist Movement wrote:
> >
> > Pat for MIM replies: Without fail it seems that insults
> > completely unconnected to any political argument are the
> > only recourse for those with nothing of substance to say.
> Louis:
> When (MIM / 3) shows up on our list pushing this sort of nonsense,
> he/she must feel like they've discovered something brand new.
> Actually this stuff is extremely musty and dated. It's like someone
> showing up in a Nehru jacket and bell-botttomed pants and thinking
> they're really cool. Take a look at yourself in the mirror [PAT @ 3],
> you are not smart, informed or interesting. You are extremely crude
> and unsophisticated.

Pat for MIM replies: Thank you so much Louis. I see you are
an excellent champion of your social group--the planning
administration intellectual. Not only do you stand for the
economists, statisticians and other professional scientists against
Stalin, not only do you give psychiatry a good nod, but now you
have really done in that MIM group by saying they're not
"smart, informed or interesting." And now all readers can
thank you for clarifying WHY you gave up talking with Avakian,
Klonsky and the like. They were sort of interested in workers.
You represent intellectuals. Indeed since they CLAIMED to
speak for the proletariat and you only claimed to speak for
the "smart," there IS no reason for you to continue discussion
or struggle: You chose your class sides and live comfortably
in the CoC.

We never claimed to be "smart," but with all your cute
comments on this list it's clear that you and some others think
that is the point, the whole point of politics and this

Silly us, we thought a list called "Marxism List," is
about something called the proletariat making revolution
and even gaining dominance for a time. But that shows that
we aren't very "smart"; however, with increasing access
to the INTERNET, more and more less "smart" people will
be using the list who are under the same grand delusion
that Marxism is about the proletariat. We understand that
we are "dumb," but there are so many out there like us,
that I hope you don't mind if we stay to talk to our kind,
which we can more easily understand. Thank you in
advance for your paternal forbearance your Highness.

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