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On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, Alex Trotter wrote:

> 	One more thought about this: the persistence of pre-industrial
> societies demonstrates that capital is still far from having established
> real domination throughout the planet, even merely over the production
> process. Marxist movements in those countries would, it seems, by
> promoting modernization, propel them increasingly from the formal to the
> real domination of capital. But given the power of imperialism and fully
> developed capitalism in the metropoles, it may be that revolts in less
> developed countries will inevitably fail until industrial civilization
> starts to collapse in its heartland.

	It's always been my heartfelt belief (if not objective analysis!)
that what has occurred in the non-industrial East was an aberration (once
the revolution in the Center was snuffed out); a vestige... -- and that
the main dynamic is now re-asserting itself (with a vengeance! -- all puns

	I don't believe ANY peasant revolution -- including the Zapatista
one -- has a snowball's chance in Hell of succeeding without the
Imperialists' attention being diverted by troubles at home (I believe that
the zapatistas know this -- and are counting on the heat being taken off
them as other `brushfires' ignite in other places, inside and outside
of Me'xico...)

	I believe the Vietnam War to be an example of this divide-and-
conquer-in-reverse -- and I believe that our ONLY main strategy (you want
to actually WIN??) is to tie the Imperialists down here at home enough so
that the various liberation movements which will _inevitably_ arise
throughout the world to fight the New World Order, will succeed in
defeating their local oppressors -- and then help us finish off these
bastards once and for all.

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