Stalin, Mao, idealism and voluntarism

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> > Pat for MIM replies: We take responsibility for that [Stalin's] error.
>   Mao did too. <snip>
>   ... we who prefer action over dogma are stuck with Stalin. <snip>
> > It's that simple. We prefer to take responsibility for Stalin's
> > mistakes than responsibility for the status quo left unchanged
> > by his critics. The status quo is everywhere far bloodier than
> > Stalin's mistakes were. <snip>
> Do you have any idea of the meaning of what you have written? You have
> taken *responsibility* for the murder of *MILLIONS* of peasants, workers,
> intellectuals, nationalists, and revolutionaries! Furthermore, you have
> the audacity to refer to that simply as Stalin's "error." Pat -- you are
> a very scary person.

Pat for MIM replies:
You need to specify what you mean by "murder of *MILLIONS*" with
your sources. Academic studies continue to be published
showing the total under a million. I hope you are aware that
no one disputes that Hitler-led forces killed at least 22 million in
the Soviet Union. Now that is proven and documented mass murder
and it was only Stalin's approach in all of Europe that stopped
Hitler, but that is another post. Would you care to take
responsibility for what would have happened in the
Soviet Union if it had followed France's or Romania's
methods of dealing with World War II? You know Trotsky wanted
a civil war in the Soviet Union and independence of the
Ukraine in 1940. Is that what you want responsibility for?

But at least you admit you prefer the status quo. You say
I'm scary, but you are just afraid of social change as
it actually occurs. You'd rather the millions starve to death than
engage in war and the dictatorship that goes with it.

Next I will post something we have already done debunking
some anti-Stalin trash. It's a taste of what can be found
in our theory journals, which anyone can have all 8 of for
$25 sent to MIM PO Box 3576, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-3576

No matter how often I am provoked on this list by Proyect
and others declaiming what they don't know about, I'm not
going to post all our lit. free, so let's try to stay with the
point in the posts and accept that I'm not doing much more
than inviting people to study a certain agenda of items.

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