General Strike

Jim Jaszewski jjazz at
Thu Oct 12 05:07:13 MDT 1995

	Here in Ontario, talk is growing of a general strike against the
new neoliberal provincial government.  It'll be a while yet, and I don't
have too many unrealistic expectations of _overwhelming_ compliance (I
think), but the recent well-covered success of the French general strike
has _me_ encouraged!  :>

	My own wish is that people in as many US states and canadian
provinces as possible co-ordinate their activities and hold general
strikes everywhere at the same time.  The effect would be far larger than
just one or a few regions going it alone.

	Anybody here from France who could fill us in on the details of
the French `Day of Protest'?  Maybe give us a few pointers?

	I suppose the upcoming `Million Man March' on Washington D.C. will
give us some idea of the possibilities in the near future...

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