MIM and the proletariat

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Thu Oct 12 12:25:15 MDT 1995

On Thu, 12 Oct 1995, Chegitz Guevara wrote:

> The fact that the capitalist class was able to throw the western
> proletariat some larger crumbs, because it was stealing even more pie from
> the 3rd world, doesn't not necessarily imply that the western proletariat
> is therefore living off the 3rd world. If a thief only robs me half as
> often because he's robbing someone else, I'm still being robbed.  Just
> because western workers are *temporarily* being exploited less because
> of imperialism, it does not necessarily follow that they are not being
> exploited at all.

Pat for MIM replies: Of course that's true, IF it's in accord with
the facts. It just so happens it's not.

> You have still failed to prove that because, while you do actully resort
> research and data, it seems to be somewhat incomplete.  Your data on
> income and wealth accumulation doesn't (or didn't here) show data for
> corporate holdings, but only individual households.  You might also want
> to consider that a substantial portion of profit gets wasted.  Sweezey did
> a study in the 60's which showed that nearly half of all capitalist profit
> gets squandered on unpoductive activity, such as armaments and
> advertisement.

Pat for MIM replies: The point about waste is excellent--
in another context. It's very relevant to what socialism will fix,
but it is just another nail in the coffin of the critics of
our labor aristocracy thesis.

Who do you think gets those jobs in armaments and ads? Who is
sitting around letting all this waste happen? It's the
imperialist country workers in those jobs. It's disproportionately
white workers in those cushy, overpaid
and unproductive jobs in the United Snakes.

The more waste there is, the more our point is true.

Thank you for pointing out that we have put forward our
approximation of the facts, because it underscores that our
criticis on this list have not put forward their approximation of the
facts on surplus-value, asset accumulation and the rate of
exploitation or lack thereof. (The rate of exploitation is negative
in the case of labor aristocracy workers.)

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