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	It's a LOT more trouble for me to do it this way -- but if all it
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	If someone doesn't see the relevance of THIS to our List, then I
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Hello Friends!
Yesterday we had guest here in Warsaw from France. He is member of french faci
st party National Front its Bruno Gollnish. His polish friends organised a meet
ing with him on Warsaw Univeristy. Members of PFA(anarchist fed.), RAAF(Radical
 Antifacist Action), some socialist and others came to protest against that bas
tard. The protest ended up in a fight with facist, and the meeting was canceled
. Bruno Gollnish got a kick in the ass few times and his polish friends recived
 some bottles on the heads. Police couldn't mess up in the fight because they
can't intervene in the Univeristy. So they only watched us from behind the gate
. The most important is that meeting was canceled.
Of course it is far from what we call freedom of speach and meetings, but you k
now what happens when people get angry :)
In solidarity,
Michael Kusnierz (PFA-Warsaw)

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