1, 2, 3, many LA riots...

Jorge A. Diaz jadF91 at newhamp.hampshire.edu
Sun Oct 15 09:38:46 MDT 1995

>We can only hope that the next time it happens, the insurgents will have
>the political consciousness to invade and burn down Beverly Hills rather
>than their own neighborhoods. (Did the insurrection fall short owing to the
>absence of an organized and disciplined vanguard? I recall a [what was to
>me] amusing news story about how the rioters torched an office of the
>Socialist Workers' Party.)
>Remember the incident over the summer of the man who stole a tank from an
>armory in San Diego and went amok before he was executed by the cops? That's
>the sort of desperate deed that would have come in handy in '92!
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Yeah, it would have, but I wonder how many of you socialists woul
appreciate a tan rolling down your suburbs. Though they may not be Beverly
Hills, they certainly are symptomatic of the discrepancies between the
wroking class and the intellectuals who pretend to represent them. In fact,
would you just stand there and watch your white picketed fence burn down as
the unemployed, underemployed, or the just plain pissed off "working class"
told you what it really thinks of your "egalitarian movement". Please,
there has never been a "dictatorship of the proletariat", just plain
In all honesty, I'd be interested to find out how many of the revolutionary
intelligentsia actually lives in "working-class"  neighborhood plagued by
poverty, despair, and economic impotency. By the way, I do and it's not the
same to read about it and intellectualize the abstract as it is to live it
as an everyday reality.

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