Yugoslavia: background considerations. Last Part (The Coalition)

Bryan A. Alexander bnalexan at umich.edu
Sun Oct 15 17:02:43 MDT 1995

Jim?  What are you talking about?
	Alright.  Let's assume a weird combo of Jim's memory loss and my
lack of clarity.
	I've never argued for NATO airstrikes.  I do in fact believe that
a combined-arms NATO - heck, US - offensive would have crushed the Serbs
back in '92.  I've never said that I would have supported such
"uncritically."  I'd rather see workers in all 8 former Yugoslav units
unite to wipe out their capitalist and Stalinist masters.  I'd also
probably support Muslim troops sent from abroad, if I thought it would
lead to a better outcome.  I don't think NATO or the UN is structurally
capable of this.  I've said that before.
	But Jim, what about class struggle?  Lorenzo leaves it out - I
brought it back in - you remove it from your response.  Who's uncritical
now?  What memory loss can we ascribe this to?  You have not, in short,
addressed the fundamental points of my criticism.  You haven't criticized
Lorenzo's post.
	I'm working on a fuller treatment of this problem for
publication.  For a decent MArxist analysis of the issue, I refer you to
Branka Magas' DESTRUCTION OF YUGOSLAVIA.  It has an excellent history of
the post-Tito period, as well as a solid critique of the Serb (and
Lorenzo's) position.

Bryan Alexander
Department of English
University of Michigan

On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> On Sat, 14 Oct 1995, Bryan A. Alexander wrote:
> > Lorenzo's posts continue to disturb me.  Their tone is cautious,
> > thoughtful; a prose laden with history - and yet a strange Serb
> > nationalist point of view emerges, one that we should condemn.
> 	No, it's simpler to see your reaction as more an almost uncritical
> acceptance of the Imperial Party Line we are deluged with near-nightly on
> CNN et al.
> 	Penya's analysis makes total sense to me;  it's well balanced, but
> where you seem not to want to agree is where he states the basic truth
> about the West's playing favorites here.  I don't think he's siding with
> Srb strongmen so much as pointing out how the Srbs, Hrvats and Muslims
> are, in the end, the same people...
> 	Maybe he'd even _AGREE_ with you about Milosevic -- but I detect
> here a `political correctness' miffed-ness which seems more a reaction to
> perceptions, than what was actually said -- not unlike what happened in
> the `abortion rights' `debate' here earlier...
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