utopia/Freeman's dynamics

jones/bhandari djones at uclink.berkeley.edu
Sun Oct 15 23:04:50 MDT 1995

Thank you John and Steve for a stimulating exchange.

I would like to ask: was Grossmann correct in emphasizing the periodic
overproduction of fixed capital as a principal source of disequilibrium and
dynamics?  Was this  Marx's emphasis as well? Or was Grossmann as wrong
about this as he was about the change in Marx's plans?! Has there been any
discussion of this point?

Steve, if you do think that this is an unimportant problem, please do tell
me (again).  What did you think of that long passage from Grossmann which I
reproduced?  As you have recommended Rosdolsky several times and since
Rosdoslsky is drawing primarily from  Grossmann in the chapter on
use-value, I am especially interested in what you have to say.  Of course,
John's thoughts, as well as anyone else's, would be appreciated.


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