Query for MIM

Robert Peter Burns rburns at scf.usc.edu
Mon Oct 16 01:15:39 MDT 1995

Just to relieve the monotony of discussion around
Stalin, could MIM tell everyone what they think
about Nicolae Ceausescu and his lovely wife, Elena?
I seem to remember a Maoist bookstore in Berkeley
announcing the demise of the "Genius of the Carpathians"
thus: "Romanian Proletariat Takes Out Mad-Dog Revisionist".
Or was this the line of some other bunch of loonies?
And while we're at it, what about the late lamented Kim Il
Sung and his son the Dear Leader presiding over Paradise in Pyongyang
<see current issue of The New Yorker>?  And is their any
truth in the rumor that Enver Hoxha regularly used to rape and
strangle young Albanian men with his own hands?  Just wondering
if there is a pattern here to MIM's disgusting loyalties.

Peter Burns SJ
rburns at scf.usc.edu

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