An End to Sectarianism

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>While we are on the topic of sectarianism, I came across the
following of Trotsky as explained and then quoted by his admirers
of Merit Publishers: "In the Russian Bulletin of the Opposition
(82-3), February-April, 1940, the following long paragraph
appeared in place of the opening two sentences of the Sunday
Express version: '...I consider the main source of danger to the
USSR in the present international situation to be Stalin and the
oligarchy headed by him. An open struggle against them, in the
view of world public opinion, is inseparably connected for me
with the defense of the USSR." (Writings of Leon Trotsky:
1939-1940 (NY: Merit Publishers), p. 124)
That's 1940 folks. There we have the thinking of Trotsky who puts
his political fight with Stalin above the war against Hitler. In
1940 he is saying Stalin is a greater danger than Hitler and he
is calling for civil war in the Soviet Union, while Hitler's
troops are waiting to pounce.

That was indeed 1940. And who was it that had just made an
alliance with Hitler -- supplying the German armies, denying they
were "waiting to pounce," undermining Soviet defenses, aiding the
Nazi conquest of Poland, etc.?

>Now let's forget the leadership. Would anyone care to explain
why the Soviet masses should not want this Trotsky character shot

Yes. The Soviet masses did not favor a capitulatory alliance with
Nazism nor the destruction of their revolution.
MIM does. Thanks for making your counterrevolutionary line so clear.

Walter Daum

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