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Mon Oct 16 08:24:55 MDT 1995

The orangutans continue to regurgitate and consume their own
vomit.  Our anarchist genius advises whom to burn and to read,
including the arch-thug Stirner himself.  Some no-brain piss-ant
brings us the psychopathic drivel of the Workers World Party.  And
we of the general public -- as if _we_ are accountable to _you_ --
are once again relegated to the ever-loving "sidelines" when we
don't find your "activism" of any use to us.

As I write I'm listening to the Julianne Malveaux show on the
radio.  This article is devoted to the Million Phallus March, and
all the commentators are women, one white feminist and the rest
black women.  Julianne started out with a blistering review of
what she saw at the march so far, except that even she could not
refrain from trying to find some positive in some of the men, even
while criticizing the macho crap she saw.  The show has gone
downhill from there on. Another woman with a baritone voice whose
name escapes me told us how proud she is of her black men, that
there is a natural order and this redresses the balance, and that
as a woman she has had to play the man's role and now it's time
for men to be men.  One shouldn't just go by the visible, but tap
into the spiritual intuition native to women to see what potential
lies within the march.  Julianne had a shit fit over this.  Then
she speaks on the line with black feminist playwright Ntozake
Shange, who is ecstatic over the march.  Then an interview with
white columnist Judy Mann, who gets her innings in, though she
gets criticized for allegedly referring to Farrakhan without the
label "Minister" (never again will I refer to Hitler without the
"Chancellor"), which she denies.  Then the accuser, the
she-baritone, goes on to mention Farrakhan three or four times
without the "Minister".  Then there ensued a discussion about
Farrakhan and the distinction between the messenger and the
message, also the vacuum in black leadership.

In sum, some critical commentary, of which Julianne's feminist
component was a bastion of rationality, otherwise sunk into the
shameful mediocrity characteristic of the black intelligentsia,
the most mediocre in history.  Criticism emerges; Julianne's
concern for public policy over caveman symbolism alone injects
rationality into the debate, beside the fact that she won't take
back seat to no man; doubts are raised, a little bellyaching
against white feminists, and one again no one's intellect is

Now there is live reporting from the mall, and the "spiritual"
component of the march is in full sway, a lot of religious ranting
and praying, Christian and Muslim.  We missed Dick Gregory, but
now maverick Catholic black bishop George Stallings is preaching.
Same old same old.

Now you may return to your puke.

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