Ralph Dumain rdumain at
Mon Oct 16 09:26:44 MDT 1995

Now it is time for the Head Dicks (or is that the Dick Heads) to
speak their mind.  There is a heavy Muslim component to the march
as can be heard from the ranting and wailing in the background.
The male commentators, such as Ambrose Lane and Askia Muhammed,
also George Stallings, have engaged in a major promotional
campaign to extol and legitimate Farrakhan, to justify his
anti-Semitism, and to proclaim a new generation and direction of
leadership.  There is a Salim somebody from In These Times, a rag
whose pages I shall never open save to line my bird cage.

I lack the time to get into an extensive analysis now of what is
happening, so let me just address a few words to the white left.
I'm listening to a Pacifica radio station that tolerates and
subsidizes this filth.  You tolerant white liberals and radicals
who consistently support any black criminal who comes forth as a
black spokesman, I hold you responsible.  You dumb-ass suburbanite
filthy hippies built up Eldridge Cleaver in the 60s and you will
take in any old black piece of shit scraped off the pavement
instead of exercising judgment and discipline.  Pacifica radio
will never get a dime out of me for its subsidy of two-faced
nationalist mediocrities who keep one face to the left and one to
the nationalist mystics.  Fuck you and your so-called activism.

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