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Mon Oct 16 12:19:18 MDT 1995

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Ralph Dumain wrote:

> The orangutans continue to regurgitate and consume their own
> vomit.  Our anarchist genius advises whom to burn and to read,
> including the arch-thug Stirner himself.  Some no-brain piss-ant
> brings us the psychopathic drivel of the Workers World Party.  And
> we of the general public -- as if _we_ are accountable to _you_ --
> are once again relegated to the ever-loving "sidelines" when we
> don't find your "activism" of any use to us.

Nobody on this list has any doubt who I really am. I am a 50 year old Jew
interested in nothing but politics, expensive whiskey and good music.

Who exactly is Ralph Dumain?

If you are black, then you are an embarrassment. I have been around black
intellectuals and Marxists all my life. I used to drink with Ralph
Ellison up at Bard College. I knew black SWPers who were peers of CLR
James and who had a tremendous amount of Marxist knowledge. In other
words, I belong to the generation that you have a scholary interest in.
If any of these folks I had first-hand knowledge of saw the
tantrum you were throwing today, they would be deeply embarrassed by the
performance of this "brother".

If you are a white boy, then you better clean up your act. The adoption
of black persona to intimidate young folks on the list like Kenny Mostern
doesn't go very far with an old buzzard like me. I was in the same room
years ago when people like Rap Brown used to talk up the same
nonsense, "Listen to me, you white liberals, this black man is gonna rap
down the truth to you." This kind of stuff is jive coming from him or
from you or from anybody else.

What you don't understand is that the respect afforded you on this list,
mine especially, has more to do with your ability to explain complex
philosophical ideas in lucid language, than any possession you may think
you have of a "periscope" into Washington's black community. Your take on
black politics is extremely limited. You have the classic sectarian
misunderstanding of the dynamics of the demonstration today. If the radical
antiwar movement had the same attitude toward the Moratorium as it was
originally proposed--that is, as a way to shore up bourgeois doves--that
you have toward today's demo, the Moratorium would not have ended up being
the profound antiwar statement it was. You'll never get your hands dirty
working in imperfect mass movements. You're too busy running off your mouth.

Angela Davis, a member of the CofC you despise so much, has reached
millions of people with her critique of the sexism and obscurantism of
Farrakhan. Meanwhile, you sit up in your garret like a character out of a
Dostoyevsky novel basically talking to yourself.

Ralph, knowledge of Marxism can only be obtained partially through deep
reading of texts. At some point you have to get up off your ass and
interact with people. You may be able to explain Hegel better than
anybody on the list, but there are some other skills you have to work on.

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