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> Rakesh asked:
> Lisa, wasn't Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, a eugenicist?
> Along with the great American economist Irving Fisher and others.  I'll have to
> get Allan Chase's The Legacy of Malthus out.  But I am pretty sure that I am
> right about this one.  In fact, I think at least one book has just been written on
> Sanger's reactionary goals.
> Lisa replies, Holy Shit, I never heard of such a thing!  Except in the sense that
> those who oppose all contraception [and anti-abortion-choicers and such] have
> used / still use that as a demonizing tactic.  There have been real abuses by
> gov-sponsored "family planning" efforts such as encouraging "permanent
> contraception" i.e. sterilization of indigenous women, which has a genocidal /
> eugenics effect.

[uhm . . . snip?]

> Thanks for reply,
> Cheers,
> Lisa

Prepare to hold your nose, Lisa. Unfortunately, the mother of the modern
birth control movement did, in fact, use eugenicst apologies to promote
her agenda. Whether or not she actually believed them is another matter,
but she definately used racism and class hatred from above to obtain
funding. Specifically, she said that abortion and family planning were
necessary to keep the unsavory elements from outbreeding decent society.
This is a sore point among many Black feminists that I know, along with
the suffergette's attempt to use racism to get the vote, by saying that
they would help diminish the effect of the Black vote.

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