SWP's splits in the '80

Yurii Colombo ycolombo at snefru.comm2000.it
Tue Oct 17 02:34:02 MDT 1995

>From Italy it-s very difficoult to follow the debate about end of sectarianism.
Please tell me about the splits in the SWP after the turn at the end of '70.
Please send me the mail addresses of these groups.

The debate about end of sectarianism from Italy (and Europe) is difficoult
to understand. Dear Louis: ask yourself why the roots of PDS in Germany are
in the est (in the west Germany receive less than 1%). The SACP support the
Mandela-s governament. The Mandela's governament is a "worker governament"?
IN France and GB the trotskyists, in a different way, are the only serious
alternative to socialdemocracy. The socialist program it's not only a
product of day-by-day action or the support of the needs of the workers. The
program is also the product of big lessons in the international class
struggle during 150 years: The Paris Commune, the fall of socialdemocracy,
The Russian October and his degeneration, the lessons of '89.

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